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Upcoming UXCO student residences

Uxco is present in more than 30 cities in France. Stay tuned for a preview of all our future locations!

Our services for students


To save on your public transportation budget (and just for the fun of it from time to time) not only can you get about on two wheels, but you can leave your bike safely in the bike storage in Suitétudes residences – and it’s free! Makes sense, right?


Your wheels will be well looked-after in our car parks – they won’t be sleeping unattended!  And on top of that, you can say goodbye to the stress of city-centre parallel parking … or, to parallel parking full stop :). We all have our skill levels behind the wheel…


Documentary research, online conferences and training, document sharing for group work – or maybe a Netflix night with your mates? You can do all this in our residences! Wi-Fi is free and accessible everywhere in the residence.


Not feeling like eating on your own in your apartment? At Suitétudes, you have a shared kitchen equipped for you to share your meal with your neighbours and let them taste the dishes that shaped your childhood 😉

Why should you choose UXCO ?

Choosing Uxco isn’t just choosing a student residence, it’s jumping into student life with both feet! Meeting, sharing, exchanging between students and young workers – this is the daily life of Uxco tribe members. Want to be a part of it? Check to see if there is a Uxco student residence in your city!

Uxco residences are much more than just student residences! They are real living spaces, imagined and designed to create real moments of sharing: working Uxco residences are so much more than student residences! They are real living spaces designed to create real moments of sharing: working together, eating together, playing sports together, taking part in events organised by our managers, or simply drinking a glass of wine on the terrace of our residence in Saint-Etienne, for example. In short, choosing Uxco guarantees a unique experience!

In the 30 largest student cities in France, such as Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, Grenoble, Marseille and Saint-Etienne, every Uxco residence is located close to university campuses and centres of higher education. Our hostels are designed to meet the needs of students. We are located in close proximity to CROUS and restaurants. The location of the accommodation is usually in the city centre or close to study centres.

Each Uxco student residence is unique: a 60’s atmosphere in our Lemon Residence in Brest or a rather tropical one in the Kaiman Residence in Nîmes. Each therefore has its own identity, while retaining the Uxco concept – functional and designer apartments that include everything you need, and services adapted to student life.

Each also has large, adapted spaces for co-living, including a co-working area, a fully equipped communal kitchen, a fitness area, a large patio for our residence in Saint-Etienne, for example, or an equipped rooftop in our future Kabane residence in Montpellier.

Our Uxco managers are present in each of the residences to ensure the management, but also to be as close as possible to our residents and provide them with all the assistance they may need: buying furniture, reserving a parking space, receiving mail and much more. Dynamic and committed, they regularly organize events that allow students to meet and share memorable moments.


Our accommodation is designed to give every student a choice: a comfortable, designer studio apartment to profiter all the benefits of communal living, while finding your own little home in the evening; a 2-room flat with a separate bedroom to profiter more space and perhaps take your first steps as a couple; or large T3

Our accommodation has been designed so that every student has a choice: a comfortable designer studio where you can enjoy all the benefits of shared living while finding your own little home at night; a one-bedroom apartment with a separate bedroom where you can take advantage of more space and perhaps take your first steps into shared accommodation; or large T3 apartments where you can enjoy living together, invite your friends or let the Uxco team introduce you to your new flatmate.

Each apartment is rented furnished and fully equipped, from the kitchen to the bathroom. You’ll have access to a high-quality internet connection to study. You’ll also have access to all living spaces and many services designed to make your daily life easier: connected laundry facilities, a fitness area, private and secure parking.

The rental price also includes a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection so you can track your courses remotely or simply watch your favorite shows online. In short, all you have to do is put down your suitcase and enjoy all the benefits.

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us to make a reservation. See if one of our residences is available in your city and join the Uxco tribe to live YOUR Uxco experience!

Tip: for advice on student accommodation visit the Student website.