Are you looking for student accommodation in Caen? At UXCO Student, we offer student accommodation ranging from studios to three-bedroom units for flat-sharing in more than 45 residences right across France. All of our residences and accommodation are fully furnished and equipped so that you feel right at home. Check out our brand new UXCO Student residences in Caen. The La Pommeraie residence, located in the heart of the university area, and the La Biscuiterie residence, located a stone's throw from the railway station and really close to the town centre.

The La Pommeraie residence offers 132 rental accommodation options. From studio to 2-bedroom apartments on a flat-sharing basis with private bedrooms, our apartments all have a dining area with kitchenette, a sleeping area, a study area with storage and a private bathroom with storage, shower and WC.

The La Biscuiterie residence offers 120 rental accommodation options. From studios to 1-room apartments, these apartments also have a dining area with kitchenette, a sleeping area, a study area with storage and a private bathroom with storage, shower and WC.

In each of these two residences, a superb and fully equipped common room is provided for the well-being of the students, and private parking is also available. The residence is open to students from around the world attending university or private college or doing internships or sandwich courses, and even to young working people.

For more information about the residence, the apartments, the rental terms & conditions, the cost of rental and the paperwork needed to reserve your future apartment, visit the website for the La Pommeraie residence or La Biscuiterie residence, today.


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Welcome to Caen, a port city known not just for its football team, but also for its historical legacy, its musical events, and for its delightful and comical regional dialect. Famous for its architectural heritage, Caen is first and foremost an impressive cultural capital. UXCO Student chose this small city in the North of France, less than 1.5 hours from Le Havre, as a perfect location for student accommodation. From studios to 2-bedroom apartments with private bedroom on a flat-sharing basis, 132 rental accommodation options are offered in the La Pommeraie residence, and 120 accommodation options in the La Biscuiterie residence.


Considered to be the cultural capital of Normandy, Caen has a wealth of architectural heritage. Also known as the 'City with a hundred bell towers' or the heir to William the Conqueror, Caen has listed monuments on every street corner, just a few minutes from the residence. One of the best known is the Mémorial de Caen which describes the history of the Second World War.

The city centre itself is arranged around the famous castle of Caen. From one neighbourhood of the city to the next, the many terraces and other little stores provide local residents with a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle. For the true foodies, rue de Vaugueux is sure to be a favourite meeting place. And if the Caen-style tripe dishes fail to entice them, the city's four star-rated restaurants should tempt their palate.

Last but not least, for nature enthusiasts, the parks, botanical gardens and green spaces in Caen are very special places to disconnect from the intense pace of city life. While some will enjoy the tranquillity and sea air on the Côte de Nacre, others will choose to rent a canoe for the great 14-mile (22 km) trip linking the city centre of Caen with the reservoir at the former iron mine of Saint-André-sur-Orme.


Caen boasts 5 university campuses which deliver almost 50 higher education courses, so it would be hard not to find something to meet your needs. This means that each student can opt for a series of short courses (BTS [higher education certificate], DUT [undergraduate technical diploma] etc.) or longer studies (Bachelors’ / Masters degrees, etc.). Greatly appreciated for its wide variety of academic courses and its student life, each year the city welcomes more than 28,000 students.

In terms of entertainment, the city of Caen knows how to please its young people and offers them a wide range of events and entertainment throughout the year. The student carnival, now in its 22nd year, is one of the key events in the student life of Caen. Each year, it attracts an ever greater number of carnival-goers. Processions of students' union-devised carnival floats and all manner of free concerts take place back-to-back throughout the day and on into the early hours of the morning.

It's not without good reason that students vote Caen the best city in Normandy! And around Caen? Whether you're on a short placement or want to take a weekend break, the administrative region, or ‘département’ of Calvados offers a wide range of opportunities for excursions. You can also take a trip to Mont Saint-Michel and its magnificent bay, listed back in 1979 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or to the Allied landing beaches in Normandy just an hour away. You could also visit the nearby major towns and cities:  Le Havre and its famous port or Rouen with its emblematic cathedral.


Have you scoured the small ads sites, and still haven't found an apartment to rent in Caen? No need to panic, UXCO Student most definitely has the perfect home for you! Are you looking for a studio or a 2-room apartment with separate bedroom and private bathroom? Or a large 2-bedroom apartment for flat-sharing with your mates?  Or maybe fully-inclusive accommodation, à la carte services and a great flat-sharing atmosphere? If so, come to UXCO Student and find the apartment that best suits your needs in one of our 45 residences in France!

Located in the heart of the Université quarter, to the North of Caen and close to the university’s Campus 2, the La Pommeraie residence offers 132 rental accommodation options. The La Biscuiterie residence, located further South, just a short walk from the railway station and the city centre, offers 120 rental accommodation options. Several different types of accommodation are available. You will be able to choose between : a cosy studio, with a sleeping area and a 3'9" x 6'5" (120 x 200 cm) bed, a study area, a kitchenette and a private bathroom; a 2-room apartment with a living room, a separate bedroom with a 4'6" x 6'5" (140x200 cm) bed, private bathroom or a flat-sharing bedroom in a large 2-bedroom apartment to live with your mates, or to meet new people. Every accommodation unit is leased fully furnished and equipped, so all that you have to do is to unpack your bags and settle in. You can even choose which floor you want to live on, from ground floor up to 5th floor. There is also a fully furnished common room on the ground floor of the residence to enable all tenants to get to know their young neighbours. Private parking with secure access is also available. Last but not least, a manager is at your service to provide you with any assistance you may need. A true host, she will organise a few events in the residence that will help you to feel that you really do live in a big flat-sharing community! So, are you ready to become an actual student here in Caen?

For more information about the residence, the accommodation options, the cost of rental and the paperwork needed to reserve your future apartment, visit the website for the La Pommeraie residence or La Biscuiterie residence, today.






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