Are you looking for student accommodation in Saint-Etienne? At UXCO Student, we offer student accommodation ranging from studios to three-bedroom units for flat-sharing in more than 45 residences right across France. All of our residences and apartments are furnished and fully equipped. Check out our new student residences in Saint-Etienne:  The L'Atelier student residence, a former industrial building reinvented as a retro-style sanctuary to become the GreenBreak student residence, a true haven of peace, right in the city centre and just a 15-minute tram journey from the Campus de la Trèflerie where the Jean Monnet University has its Science Humanities & Languages faculties.

All of our accommodation comprises an equipped kitchenette, a study area with storage, a sleeping area with a set of bed linen provided and a private bathroom with shower and storage. These residences are open to students from all over the world who are attending university or private college, or doing internships or sandwich courses, as well as to young working people. A broad range of services is also available: unlimited high-speed wifi connectivity, a bike store, a launderette, a gym and more.

Read on to find more information about the city and the UXCO Student residences.

If you want to learn more about the residence, the accommodation options, the services, the cost of rental and to view photos of your future apartment, visit the website for the L’Atelier residence or GreenBreak residence.


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Welcome to Saint-Etienne, or ‘Sainté’ for those in the know! Located close to Lyon, one of the largest student centres in France, Saint-Etienne nonetheless remains a dynamic city with thriving culture, arts and industry. UXCO Student chose this small city in central France as a perfect location for student accommodation. It offers more than 200 accommodation options.



A UNESCO Design City since 2010, Saint-Etienne is the laboratory of French design, due in large part to its status of La Cité du Design [Design City] and the Biennale Internationale Design, two emblematic symbols of design in France. A land of creators and inventors, Saint-Etienne is also a dynamic city where art and industry coexist on a daily basis. A cultural city but also very lively, it regularly welcomes major sporting events. Centred around its football team, its supporters, the ‘Stéphanois’ all meet up at the Chaudron (Cauldron). No, that's not the new season of Sabrina on Netflix, but rather the stadium that hosts the most keenly awaited matches in the region. For those who like wide open spaces, Saint-Etienne is one of the main gateways to the Parc Naturel Régional du Pilat, a land of contrasts where diversity predominates in a melting pot of know-how, local products and wide expansive landscapes. In terms of fine dining, there is something here to suit all tastes! La Fourme de Montbrison cheese is a local delicacy, to be enjoyed in copious amounts. And for those with a sweet tooth, the infamous ‘bugnes’ [doughnuts] are the thickest and stickiest in the region—you could put on 40 pounds just by looking at them! At the end of the day, living in Saint-Etienne also means being able to enjoy 83 days of sunshine a year, and 24 days of snow. After all, who wants sunshine all year round when, in Sainté, you can have four seasons in one day!



With more than 25 higher education establishments, including the École Des Mines [a graduate engineering school] or the Art of Design college, Saint-Etienne attracts a growing number of students year-on-year. An environment with a rich cultural legacy where students can flourish, and where the very latest infrastructure stands right alongside walls more than a century old. A city renowned for art and history that also boasts extensive public transport services. Just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Geneva, a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Marseille, five hours from Bordeaux, Paris and Nice, Saint-Etienne benefits from a central location. We should perhaps also mention that Saint-Etienne is only 50 minutes by train from Lyon, but the Lyon/Saint-Etienne rivalry has something in common with the tension between Paris/Marseille!

What else is there around Saint-Etienne? The Loire département has a plethora of places to visit: the famous châteaux of the Loire, for a romanticised journey back in time; the little village of Saint-Victor sur Loire, the starting point for a cruise down the Loire gorges and where you can dip your feet in the water; or the regional nature park of Pilat, for hiking to your heart’s content. For people who like fresh air on a huge scale, the Alps are just two hours away by car. And for city aficionados, the city of Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes region is the ideal place for a shopping trip on the banks of the Rhône.


Have you scoured the small ads sites on the Internet, and still haven't found an apartment for your new life in Saint-Etienne? No need to panic, UXCO Student most definitely has the perfect home for you! Are you looking for a studio or a 1-room apartment with kitchenette, sleeping area and its own bathroom? Or a large 3-bedroom apartment for flat-sharing with your mates? Fully-inclusive accommodation, à la carte services and a great flat-sharing atmosphere? Come to UXCO Student and find yourself the perfect apartment for your needs.

Located in a residential district on the outskirts of Saint-Etienne, the Atelier student residence is close to two tram stops and is close to many local shops. Just 10 minutes from the city centre, this property provides its residents with an oasis of tranquillity in the heart of the city. From its studios to private bedrooms on a flat-sharing basis in a 3-bedroom apartment, all of the accommodation is organised in duplex form. With its original pipework, large spaces, natural materials and subtle colours, the residence itself reveals a world in which the past blends with the modern, across almost 2690 sq.ft. (250 m²) of communal areas.

Located in the heart of the city centre, just a 15 minute tram ride from the Trèflerie university campus, where the Jean Monnet University delivers its courses, the new GreenBreak student residence offers studio apartments or 1-room apartments. Close by, you will find a number of small shops, a cinema, bars and restaurants on Place Jean Jaurès, for evenings out with your friends.

In Saint-Etienne, UXCO Student offers you much more than simply a student bedroom, but instead a genuine independent student apartment in one of these brand new residences. Your accommodation, in a studio or a 1-room apartment will comprise a single room featuring an equipped kitchenette, a sleeping area and a completely private bathroom with shower and storage. If you opt for flat-sharing, you will be allocated accommodation in a large 3-bedroom apartment comprising an equipped kitchen with a lounge area, a large bathroom and three private bedrooms, each with a study area and storage, for you and your friends. A wide range of services is also available: unlimited high-speed wifi Internet connection, a bike store, a launderette, a fitness area and more. You can choose which floor your apartment is on, from ground floor to 4th floor. There is also a common room on the ground floor of each of these residences, to enable you to meet and get to know some new people. Last but not least, a manager is at your service to provide you with any assistance you may need. Over the course of each year, she will organise a few events in the residence that will give you the feeling that you really do live in a big flat-sharing community, and will help you to unwind after a long week of classes! So, are you ready to make one of our UXCO Student residences your preferred place to live?

For more information about the rental terms & conditions and the supporting documents you need to provide, about the residence, monthly rental prices and to view photos of your future apartment, please go directly to the website for the L’Atelier residence or GreenBreak residence.




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