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Are you looking for student accommodation in Le Havre? Discover our brand-new UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre residence, just a stone's throw from the Docks Vauban district.

Our student residences, scattered across France, offer a unique experience combining comfort, conviviality and practicality. At UXCO Student, you'll discover a world where well-being, community and convenience come together to create a student experience like no other, so are you ready for adventure?

Right in the heart of this dynamic port city, our residence offers the perfect balance of comfort, style and multi-functionality. Whether you're looking for a studio room or a spacious T2 apartment, UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre, located on Rue des Chargeurs Réunis, offers you 153 fully-equipped and furnished student accommodations, all eligible for housing subsidies (APL) and the GarantMe scheme.

The residence is close to a number of higher education establishments, the port of Le Havre, the Docks shopping center, the train station and downtown Le Havre. Le Havre is served by public transport, including bus, streetcar and even self-service electric scooters and a funicular railway. Shouldn't that be enough?

Student apartments are fully furnished and equipped, with kitchen area (kitchenette for studios), sleeping area, office area with storage space, private bathroom and WC. A full range of services is also available to simplify your daily life: high-speed wifi internet connection, a large common room - a living room -, a fully-equipped common kitchen for those who like to cook together, relaxation areas, a connected laundromat and a bicycle room...

The FLEEP Le Havre residence welcomes students of all nationalities, from all backgrounds (university, private training, young professionals, freelancers, etc.). FLEEP Le Havre is a place where flexibility reigns. Whether you're a student on an internship, a work-study student or a young professional, you'll always be welcome at FLEEP Le Havre.

To find out everything you need to know about your future home, from rental details to services, rent, documents to collect and supporting documents to book your apartment and check if it's available, don't hesitate to check out the UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre page.

And if you'd like to find out more about the city of Le Havre, its lifestyle and customs, just go there!




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The jewel of modern Normandy, Le Havre stands like a beacon of modernity and resilience, rebuilt by Auguste Perret after the Second World War and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its avant-garde architecture. Nicknamed the "Porte Océane", this seaside city skilfully blends innovation and rich history. In short, Le Havre is much more than a port city; it's a vibrant place where study rhymes with quality of life. Here, you'll enjoy an exceptional setting, between sea and culture, perfect for your years of study. It's a city where modernity and history meet, offering an exceptional environment in which to study and live. If you're looking for a unique student experience right on the water, Le Havre is the place for you. A city with a UNESCO-recognized cultural heritage, it promises an extraordinary daily life, where studies and seaside breaks blend perfectly. With more than 15,000 students from all over the world attending its higher education establishments, Le Havre offers you the opportunity to benefit from a quality education in an absolutely stimulating setting. With top-notch infrastructures, relaxing green spaces and a rich cultural and sporting life, Le Havre is the ideal place for a student adventure that is both enriching and full of new experiences.





Transport and Mobility

The city of Le Havre boasts a super-convenient public transport network, with streetcars and buses that take you easily from your accommodation to campuses and everywhere else in the city. Looking for a little more freedom? Our self-service bikes and electric scooters let you get around on your own, while doing your bit for the planet and your health. Our student residence in the lower town, next to the Docks Vauban shopping center, is served by bus 8 (stop Chargeurs Réunis) and bus 3 (stop St Nicolas), which will take you to the city center or to the campus of the University of Le Havre-Normandie.


Quality of life and well-being in Le Havre

For your moments of relaxation, nothing beats green spaces like the Jardin Japonais or the Parc de Rouelles, little corners of paradise where you can breathe and recharge your batteries. The seafront, with its redeveloped spaces, is the perfect place to unwind, do some sport or just enjoy the ocean view. Le Havre also spoils you with a host of initiatives for your well-being, from university sports activities to year-round cultural events. In short, living and studying in Le Havre is the promise of a balanced student life, with easy commuting, nature at your fingertips and a studious yet cool (and festive!) atmosphere.




Activities and leisure for students

There's no such thing as boredom in Le Havre! Between beaches, green spaces and sports facilities, you'll always find something to keep you entertained and relaxed. In Le Havre, it's easy to keep busy and enrich your general culture. If you're curious, let yourself be impressed by one of France's finest collections of Impressionist art: the MuMa (André Malraux Museum of Modern Art). If you're more of an adventurous type, exploring the Normandy countryside, we're obliged to tell you about the hikes and bike rides you can take to the cliffs of Étretat or the Normandy countryside. Clearly, you'll be able to see some magnificent panoramas and take some great photo ops! For more festive students, Le Havre hosts a number of festivals (Festival MoZ'aïque, Fêtes Johanniques, etc.). Last but not least, the city is full of places to take a stroll, such as the Jardins Suspendus: a magnificent spot overlooking the city and the sea, ideal if you want to have a picnic or study outside.


Universities and schools in Le Havre

Le Havre is rich in higher education establishments: EM Normandie Business School, École Nationale Supérieure Maritime, ISEL Logistique, Campus Frissard, Université Le Havre Normandie (with its courses in Law, Economics, Languages or Sciences...), IUT du Havre, École Supérieure d'Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen or INSA Rouen Normandie (engineering courses in chemistry and process engineering), ... all accessible from the UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre residence. Practical, isn't it?

These establishments help to make Le Havre a magnet for students seeking quality training and professional opportunities.


Student Life and Culture in Le Havre

Between university events, festivals, the hanging gardens, the Parc de Rouelles, La Plage and the many bars in the Saint-François district, you'll have plenty to liven up your student life. Add to this the parties and events organized at your future UXCO Student FLEEP LE Havre residence.

Cultural life in Le Havre is dynamic, with cinemas, theaters, museums and galleries. The port, 20 minutes from the UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre residence, is a must-see for sea lovers. Today, Le Havre is famous for its dynamic economy, vibrant cultural life and top-notch higher education facilities. With facilities such as Le Volcan, scène nationale d'expression contemporaine, the Oscar Niemeyer Library and the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art (MuMa), the city is a magnet for creative people and art enthusiasts from all over France. When it comes to cuisine, Le Havre has some surprises in store for you, with its maritime tradition reflected in its dishes, where fish and seafood take pride of place. Don't leave without tasting a plate of mussels from the Baie de Seine or a platter of fresh oysters, true local delights.

In short, once again, Le Havre, a city of innovation and tradition, offers a stimulating living environment, rich in discoveries, for any student wishing to study in France.

P.S. Did you know that the city of Le Havre has its own "LH" identity? It's even got its own brand of clothes - stylish, isn't it?




Types of student residences in Le Havre

Whether you're looking for a private cocoon or a cool shared apartment, our residences have it all. They feature common spaces such as games rooms, coworking areas and large lounges for studying and/or socializing. Fleep le Havre is a coliving residence that is adapted to all profiles. At UXCO Student, the experience of each resident is our priority.


Student residences and housing in Le Havre

Are you looking for a furnished studio apartment with a private bathroom and toilet, or a T2 apartment for a shared flat, solo or for a couple? Or a turnkey apartment with customizable services and the spirit of a large shared apartment (without the need for it)? UXCO Student has the perfect accommodation for you!

UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre, our new residence in Le Havre on Rue des Chargeurs Réunis, offers you 153 apartments. From cosy studios to spacious T2 apartments, all are furnished and equipped to meet your needs. All units are APL-eligible.

Ideally located, the residence is just 15 minutes by bus from the Université Le Havre Normandie campus, and a stone's throw from other amenities (Docks Vauban, restaurants, bars). The residence is served by bus 8 (Chargeurs Réunis stop a few meters away) and bus 3 (St Nicolas stop). The Frissard campus (Science Po Paris, INSA, INSPE, EM Normandie) is only a few minutes from the residence by bus, and can even be reached on foot !

All accommodation is fully furnished and equipped. The communal areas are a blend of conviviality and tranquility, ideal for future meetings or quiet study. Each apartment has been designed with you in mind: modern, functional furnishings, uncluttered decor and all the equipment you need (fully-equipped kitchenette, sleeping area, private bathroom, high-speed Internet connection...). It's all there to make you feel at home from day one.

In addition to a furnished apartment, UXCO Student also offers a range of communal areas where student life comes to life. Each space is designed to improve your daily life: a common room for relaxing, coworking spaces for studying in groups, and even a connected laundromat, a bike room and a large communal kitchen for those who like to cook together. If you're lazy or just don't have the time to clean your room, a cleaning service and laundry kit can be requested. Last but not least, the residence is video-surveilled and a parcel box system has been set up to make it easier for you to receive your parcels.

In short, every apartment at FLEEP Le Havre is designed to be your refuge after a day of studying: more than just a room, a cozy cocoon with a nautical touch, perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

For details about your next student residence, including available accommodation, services, rental costs and the documents you'll need to rent your future apartment, visit the UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre residence page today.




Start by assessing what's crucial to you: proximity to campus, access to public transportation, included services, or perhaps a lively neighborhood? Le Havre, with its unique harbor ambiance and modern architecture, offers a wide range of options. UXCO Student residences are ingeniously placed in close proximity to all amenities and higher education establishments (university, schools, IUT, institutes, etc.).


Housing Search Tips

The visit is a key step: check the condition of the premises, the facilities available and ask any questions you may have. Find out about the services on offer, such as Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and common areas. It's also a good opportunity to get a feel for the residence and see if it's right for you.

FLEEP Le Havre is a coliving residence that offers all its residents common areas in addition to private or shared accommodation, with a separate bedroom. All accommodation is furnished, equipped and even decorated to make you feel as comfortable as possible. At UXCO Student, we're committed to facilitating meetings and exchanges between residents.

With UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre, you'll find the student residence in Le Havre that will provide you with an enriching and comfortable experience during your years of study.


Budget and security deposit

Don't overlook the importance of budgeting. Make sure the rent fits into your finances without putting you in the red every month. Remember to include in your budget the often-forgotten costs of electricity, water, internet, application fees and the security deposit. At UXCO Student, if you don't have a guarantor, you can go through the Garantme organization to have your application accepted and reserve your accommodation. One problem = one solution. Ideal, isn't it?


Location and access to amenities

UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre is conveniently located. Close to the city center, supermarkets, restaurants and within walking distance of educational establishments, it's the perfect location. Even the port is just 20 minutes from the UXCO Student FLEEP Le Havre residence, not to mention the large Docks Vauban shopping center, which is only a ten-minute walk away!

In short, at UXCO Student, you'll find comfortable, furnished student accommodation in a quality residence right in the heart of Le Havre. Join us for an enriching and unforgettable student experience!


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