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Are you looking for student accommodation in Brest? Discover our brand new UXCO Student Dock 29 and UXCO Student Lemon residences located in the heart of Brest, in the new district of Capucins. At UXCO Student, we offer student accommodation ranging from studios to T4 with private room in coliving, in more than 50 residences throughout France. All of our residences and accommodations are fully furnished and equipped.

The UXCO Student Dock 29 residence offers 99 accommodation units, all organized in studios, with a sleeping area, a fully equipped kitchen area and a private bathroom. In a maritime and industrial decoration reminiscent of the large port areas of Brest, the residence offers more than 120m2 of common areas where the best moments of your student life will take place.

The UXCO Student Lemon residence offers 158 apartments for rent, from studios to T3 with 2 private rooms in shared accommodation. The apartments have a kitchen area, a bedroom area, an office area with storage, a bathroom with private shower and WC. As for the residence, with a deliberately colored decoration, it presents an assumed sixties style. A common room is available on the ground floor of the residence including a shared equipped kitchen, a chill zone, a coworking zone, a fitness zone and many other advantages to discover on site. These co-living spaces are designed to be airy and conducive to sharing and exchange, in a universe mixing eras.

The residences are open to students from all over the world, arriving as part of a university or private training, on an internship or work-study program, or to young workers looking for a year-round rental.

For more information on the residence of your choice, the apartments, the rental terms, the rental price, and the file to be made to reserve your accommodation, go directly to the UXCO Student Lemon residence page or to the UXCO Student Dock 29 residence page.


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Brest, a city with a strong identity

Welcome to Brest, the land of pancakes and pancakes, where sweet butter does not exist and where olive oil is banned. Labeled City of Art and History, Brest is also a city of rich cultural activities and numerous innovations. It is in this small town in Finistère that UXCO has chosen to put down its suitcases, in the heart of the Capucins district, near the tram line A.



Cut in two by the Penfeld, Brest is a port city known for its rich maritime past, which you can discover at the National Maritime Museum, and its naval base. Partly destroyed after the bombings of 1944, Brest is a dynamic city that has been able to reinvent itself. Markets, beaches, greenery, festivals, but also and above all forts, castles, and museums, are part of the many places and activities that you can discover. Today, Brest is also the place where innovative projects are developed. For example, the Technopôle Brest-Iroise sees entrepreneurs with numerous projects on a daily basis. The Ateliers des Capucins site is also one of the symbols of Brest innovation. Completely rehabilitated, it is now dedicated to leisure, culture, housing and tourism. And yes, Brest is not just rain 360 days a year! Moreover, it is false, it is 358… It is also a city where the baker, the taxi, the fisherman and the market gardener rub shoulders on a daily basis and will become the best friends of future residents. In other words, Brest is a warm city with a friendly atmosphere, which will welcome every student who puts down their bags there.



Brest is the second largest university metropolis in Brittany and has nearly 24,000 students each year in more than 50 higher education establishments. A large majority of Brest students study at the Brest Campus, which provides numerous university training courses: law, economics, management, sport, etc. Brest also offers its students training in specific maritime professions. The sea campus , located 15 minutes from our residence, offers university or private training in marine sciences.

In addition to the diversity of training courses it offers students, the city of Brest also invites them to live the Brest Life Experience. An initiative to introduce them to the city in an unusual way, in particular by visiting a nuclear submarine or the kitchens of a starred restaurant, and many other experiences. On the transport side, with the tram, the bus and the first urban cable car in France, it is very easy to get around, whether for lessons, outings, walks or to buy your butter (half-salt of course!). An urban network which also serves the 9 grandes écoles and the university campus in Brest.

And around Brest? Whether you are on an internship for a short period or you want to take a break to recharge your batteries after a long week of exams, the Finistère department is full of activities and places to visit: hiking and discovering the wild landscape of the tip du Raz or la pointe du Van, outings in the towns of Quimper and its famous place aueurre or Concarneau, discovery of the Breton villages of Locronan or Pont-Aven, and visits to the main lighthouses of the surrounding towns such as the Saint-Mathieu lighthouse or the Kermorvan lighthouse.




Have you been through all the personal classifieds sites, visited dozens of real estate agencies and you still have not found the accommodation of your dreams to stay in Brest? Don't panic, UXCO is bound to have accommodation for you! Are you looking for a cocooning studio? A 2-room apartment with a separate bedroom? A 3-room apartment for a shared apartment with your friends? All-inclusive accommodation, à la carte services and an atmosphere of large shared accommodation? Come to UXCO and find the apartment that suits you 100%.

Located in the heart of the new Capuchin district in Brest, near the A tram line, the UXCO Lemon and UXCO Dock 29 residences offer much more than a simple student room. You will have the choice between several types of accommodation: a one-room cocooning studio, to feel like at home, including a bedroom area with desk, a furnished and equipped kitchen, and a private bathroom; a one-bedroom apartment comprising a furnished main room and an equipped kitchen, a separate bedroom with storage and a private bathroom; a three-room apartment comprising a main room with a furnished living room and an equipped kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms, ideal for living in a shared apartment with your friends or meeting new people. 158 apartments are available at the UXCO Lemon residence, and 99 studios at UXCO Dock 29. You can also choose the floor of your future accommodation: from the ground floor to the 8th floor. Like all the other residents, you will benefit from the many services present within the residence, as well as from the large common room on the ground floor. A manager is also present on the residence. A true master of the house, he is at your service if you need help. He will also organize a few events throughout the year that will punctuate the life of the residence and allow you to unwind after a long week of classes.

To find out more about the apartments, rental terms, the supporting documents to be provided, the price of the rent and the file to be made to reserve your accommodation, go directly to the UXCO Lemon residence page or the page of the UXCO Dock 29 residence.


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