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Looking for a student accomodation in Brest ? Discover our UXCO | ex Suitétudes student residence Lemon, a tangy place located in the heart of the city. A place to live and work situated in a brand new neighborhood, Les Capucins, close to the historical center of Recouvrance. From studio to three-rooms appartments with private bedroom, our furnished flats include a kitchenette, a sleeping corner, a study area with storage shelves and a private shower and restroom.

Regarding the residence itself, the interior is bright and colorful giving it a sixties aspect, including pop shades, soft materials, plants and rounded shapes. The coliving spaces were designed to be airy and conducive to sharing in a universe mixing eras. The residence is open to students from all over the world as part of an academic or private traning, internship or even to young professionals. Check just below for further informations about Lemon, the student residence that will make your daily life sparkle !


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Brest, a city with a strong identity

Welcome to Brest, the city of crepes and galettes. The region where unsalted butter doesn't exist and where olive oil is bannished. Don't worry, everyting will be allright.



Once upon a time, in a far away land named Brest ( pronounced "Breast", yeah we know.)... Let's get serious, Brest is a dynamic city where innovative projects such as the Brest-Iroise Technopôle expand. We also find close to the Lemon residence "Les Ateliers Capucins" which is a rehabilitated place dedicated to spare-time activities, culture, housing and tourism. There is even a factory labellised Capitale French Tech. In other words, Brest is not only a city where it rains 360 days a year.

Although it's false: it's 358. It's a city where the baker, the taxi driver, the fisherman and the farmer will become your best friends. Because Brest, in other words La Bretagne, is a hearty thing. You are either breton or you are not, there is no in between (it's best for you if you become one tho). You will surprise yourself waving the flag of Bretagne at your little cousin'soccer plays


Brest is the second university metropolis of Bretagne and counts each year not less than 29 000 students.A dynamic city synonym of markets, huge beaches, greeneries, festivals but also mostly Forts, castles, museums, etc. Labellised city of art and history, it's the perfect place for your personal culture. Beyond the traditionnal touristic stroll, Brest offers its students to live the "Brest Life Experience", an initiative to make them discover the city in a atypical way. The opportunity or never to visit a nuclear submarine or the kitchens of a starred restaurant...

With the tramway, the bus and the first urban cable car of France, you will have no trouble getting around wether it's for going to class, going out, strolls or to go shopping for some butter (salted of course). An urban network serving 9 higher education school and the university of Brest. Let's do this ;)

Welcome to Brest!


2nd university


metropolis of Bretagne

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crepes & galettes


basically food

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