UCO Bretagne Nord

With more than 1,000 students, from multidisciplinary generalist training to vocational training preparing for State Diplomas, UCO Bretagne Nord knows how to combine the advantages of its size, the proximity of studentsteachers to those of the professional world and openness to the international. The UCO offers short (Bac+3) and long (Bac+5) courses with 6 general licenses, 6 professional licenses, 3 professional masters and 2 university degrees, 2 certificates in initial, continuing or alternance training.

UCO Bretagne Nord

15 Place Sanquer, 29200 Brest

29200 BREST

Email : ucobn@uco.fr

Phone number : 02 96 44 46 46

The school is 11 minutes by bike and 23 minutes by public transport (Tram A) from Suitétudes Lemon Residence.