January 18, 2020
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Hello Alix, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Alix Hiwood, I am 19 years old. I was born in Paris but I have always lived in the Hérault because my parents preferred to favor a more serene and less stressful life. I am in my first year of MMI (Multimedia and Internet Professions) at the IUT of Béziers, a training course that complements my passion for singing because we make a lot of videos and short films and I currently reside at Suitétudes Palo Alto residence, in the city center of Béziers.

How did your love story with singing start?
My parents tell me that I was already singing in my park. I think I have always loved to sing.

In reality, I was diagnosed dyslexic at 7 years old by my father and I had to undertake weekly speech therapy sessions. The speech therapist (great) who has followed me since that time has known how to use singing to help me memorize and focus on reading.

What started out as a handicap turned out to be a strength, which helped me to continue my studies and my desire to continue singing. Dyslexia causes learning disabilities but develops special creativity and sensitivity. My parents always believed in me and supported me during these sometimes complicated times.

At 9, I joined the Béziers conservatory to learn to sing. I met an exceptional singing teacher there who believed in me and wanted to develop my potential. He introduced me to choral singing, which developed my sense of harmony.

I then continued my musical training with a singing teacher who made me progress a lot in the world of international varieties.

In 2013, I created my YouTube channel "Alix Hiwood". I posted some covers there, which allowed me to express myself. Besides, I feed it regularly if you want to take a look at it;)

How would you rate your music?
I would say that it is soothing, I always try to interpret music with my heart I find it very important. I choose a lot of love songs for the lyrics that can touch us in the heart and above all that everyone can identify with. It is true that some may seem sad but personally I find that the most important thing in music is the emotion it gives off. I hope to succeed in transmitting this!

What are your musical influences?
Lana Del Rey for her pretty retro style that I really like. But also Billie Eilish who is a very inspiring woman.

The cover you're most proud of?
I really enjoyed singing "Many" by Angela. This song and the feedback has been very positive.

Plans for 2020?
I’d like to continue writing my own songs and why not join a show like “The Voice” when I’m ready.

A few words about Suitétudes?
I really recommend Suitétudes to students. First of all for the integration which is super pleasant, but also for the quality of the services offered.

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